CPR Certification

CPR/AED & First Aid Training Certification Course for the Corporate Environment

Each course is taught by a certified EMS Safety Select Instructor


Save a life, get certified.

Each student will receive a student workbook during training and to keep as a post-class reference. Each person receives an EMS Safety certification card that is valid for 2 years from the issue date. Bloodborne Pathogen certifications are valid for a year.

Courses & Certifications available for:

  • First Aid
  • CPR & AED
  • CPR, AED & First Aid
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Childcare CPR, AED, First Aid
  • Caregiver CPR, AED, First Aid
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers and Professional Rescuers

During each course you will:

  • Receive hands-on training with CPR manikins, AED training units, first aid supplies and more.
  • View course videos
  • Have your skills reviewed and tested one-on-one with the instructor
  • Complete a written exam, if required by your industry
  • Learn valuable life-saving skills to use at work, at home and in the community



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    Initial CertificationRenewal CertificationGroup/Mix CertificationUnsure

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    CPR/AEDFirst AidBloodborne PathogensEmergency Oxygen AdministrationBLSUnsure




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