Wellness Programs

Whole Care to Treat the Whole Person

Our wellness classes and workshops contribute an important mind-body body component to our Complete Care approach

The Epic Benefits:

Part of a Well-Rounded Care Plan

Physical, mental and emotional fitness are an integral and often overlooked [component] of overall wellness. While quality medical care is crucial to wellbeing, it is only one of many [forms of care] necessary to good health. A balanced healthcare plan should encompass the full range of human needs, including functional mobility, stress relief, mental acuity and meaningful social interaction.

An Emotional ‘Home Base’

Epic Wellness’ wellness offerings such as yoga and guided meditation help round out our full menu of home health and companion care services. These classes provide a much-needed space for relaxation, escape and mindful focus amidst the stress and ongoing challenges of daily life. – which can in turn improve physical symptoms and overall well being.   

Redefining Fitness

The philosophy behind our Wellness programs is one of inclusion. We believe that fitness should be a universal goal, accessible to people of every background, age group, and level of ability. Our classes teach versatile, multi-disciplinary fitness practices such as yoga, which each client can do at their own pace and in a way that is comfortable and achievable for them personally.

Plus we have Epic Yoga For Seniors


Our Yoga has unmatched benefits

Yoga is an ideal fitness option for seniors and other adults with physical limitations, as evidenced by a number of recent scientific studies. In addition to the many physical benefits it provides, it can help clients put aside the stressors of the past and anticipated challenges of the future, freeing them to live in the present moment and enjoy a much-needed emotional respite.


Perfect for People of All Ages & Levels

The combination of meditative practice, exercise, stretching, and relaxation that yoga provides is second to none when it comes to building overall fitness and wellbeing. It is also easily modified for individual needs and can be done at any pace, making it one of the most versatile and accessible fitness techniques around, and a great choice for many of our clients.  




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